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Minimum Wage / Overtime / Prevailing Wage

Federal and state laws set the minimum wage and a standard 40 hour work-week for most hourly employees, requiring the payment of “time and a half” for “overtime” hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a given week. Prevailing wage laws apply to work performed in connection with certain government contracts. Wage and hour disputes oftentimes arise as a result of employee misclassification (exempt instead of non-exempt status), and failure to pay overtime for work performed before or after scheduled shifts, during lunch, or while “off the clock.” Prevailing wage disputes can arise when a contractor or subcontractor on a government project fails to or is accused of failing to compensate employees at the appropriate wage rate required for the project. If you have questions about minimum wage and overtime requirements or a prevailing wage issue, please contact us. We have extensive experience representing employers and individuals involving wage and hour issues. We are here to provide practical, cost effective legal advice and guidance.

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