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Public Employees

We are advocates for public sector employees, including state, county, municipal, school, and law enforcement employees. Public sector employment is governed by state statutes and the Ohio Administrative Code. The rules applicable to public sector employees can be confusing and complicated. We have successfully represented public sector employees in pre-disciplinary and termination hearings, in state and Federal Court, and before the State Personnel Board of Review, the State Employment Relations Board, and the Ohio Court of Claims. We represent public sector employees faced with discrimination, and retaliation, classification issues, wrongful removal, predisciplinary hearings, whistleblowing claims, OPERS issues, or who are otherwise being subjected to unlawful conduct. Public employees who experience improper discipline, wrongful discharge, discrimination and retaliation must respond promptly to protect their rights, as the opportunity to appeal is often subject to very strict time limitations. If you are a state, county, school, or municipal employee and have an issue at work you need to be discuss, please contact us. We are here to provide practical, cost effective legal advice and guidance.

Public sector resources: