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Whistleblower Retaliation

Employees who report workplace misconduct may be protected by federal and state law. The statutory protections can apply even where there is no violation of law, so long as the employee reasonably believes a violation of law has occurred. There may also be whistleblower protections available for reporting dangerous or improper conduct, even if not illegal. Most whistleblower statutes prohibit employers from firing, demoting, or otherwise discriminating against employees who “blow the whistle.” Federal laws protecting whistleblowers focus on specific types of unlawful activity, while Ohio provides general statutory whistleblower protection to employees, but only when the technical reporting requirements of the statute are met. Ohio requirements include that the activity subject of the whistleblowing be reporting in writing and that the person making the report reasonably believes the activity is illegal and a felony, or that the activity pose a serious threat to public health of safety. If you have questions about whistleblower protection, please contact us. We have extensive experience representing employers and individuals involving whistleblowing issues. We are here to provide practical, cost effective legal advice and guidance.

Whistleblowing resources: